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Description of Chapters

Part 1- Hadjiathanasis and Mariou

The Pilgrims
At Mia Milia circa 1800 lived Hadjigiorkallis with his wife Elengou and their sons, Argyros and Athanasis. The children went to the Holy Land. In Kythrea, Hadjigiorkallis and his son Hadjiargyros met and became friends with Hadjimichailis Mallouris.

The Wedding
Hadjiathanasis went with his brother to visit Kythrea and met the daughter of Hadjimchalis, Mariou, with whom he fell in love. They sent a mediator to arrange the wedding and in a few months Hadjiathanasis and Mariou get married.

At Work
Hadjiathanasis works with zeal with his father in law. The young couple produce their own family. Their children, in turn, grow up and create their own families.

The Disappointment
The youngest child of Hadjiathanasis, Kalliopi marries Kostis Hadjiconstanti. She dies while giving birth to her fourth child. She is followed to the grave by Kostis and her mother Mariou. The seven year old Chrysostomos together with his sister Maritsou are struggling to work for a living. Chrysostomos leaves for Nicosia but after a short while he is forced to return to Kythrea.

The Reward
Back in Kythrea the suffering continues for the daily bread. Chrysostomos hears about Skala, the consulates, the port and its prosperity. He decides to go. He makes the acquaintance of Mr. Christos who offers him a job in his grocery shop.

The Devotion
The years go by and Chrysostomos gains the respect of everyone. He helps his siblings and they create their own families.


Part 2 – Hadjifanis family, Larnaca

Lame Fanos
During the years of the liberation of Athens from the Turks, Georgios Hadjifanis lives with Despina in Larnaca. They bring into the world Christoforos and Theofani. During a disturbance with the Turks Christoforos is killed, Theofanis sustains an injury to his leg and sees his family being exterminated. He marries Thekla and produces a son, Christoforos. In 1888 Christoforos dons his ‘evzonas’ (Greek soldier) uniform and goes to Greece as a volunteer.


Part 3 – Skoularikides and Papageorgis, Akanthou

The Agreement
Skoularikides and Papageorgis agreed to become relatives by marriage even before they produced a family. Finally, their children grew up together and their agreement becomes a reality after the marriage of Athina Skoularikidou with Papapavlos Papageorgis. In 1871 their only child, a daughter named Stavroula, is born.

The ‘’Evzonas’’
Upon his return to Cyprus Christoforos Hadjifanis continues his work as an architect. He marries Stavroula Papapavlou and they bear their first children, Thekla and Georgos.

The Appreciation
Chrysostomos Hadjiconstantis from Kythrea with his brother Athanasis work in Larnaca, where he first sees Thekla Hadjiphani. They soon get married.


Part 4 – Georghiades Family, Chloraka

At a seaside village in Paphos lives Georkos with his wife Elengou and their children. They work in their fields.

The birth of Demosthenis Georghiades on February 10th 1879.

The Dowry Agreement
Demosthenis enrols as a policeman. At the age of fifteen the ‘go-betweens’ started with proposals for prearranged weddings. He marries Olga, the sister of his friend Christodoulos Azinas. Their marriage did not last long.

The Suffering
Olga leaves her family and gets a job in Limassol. She soon regrets her action but did not dare return.

The Desertion
Olga’s departure from the marital home creates problems to the family. Eleni is sent to a family in Limassol whilst Georgos is looked after by his grandmother (stete) Elengou. Eleni corresponds with her mother. Olga remarries.

The Unknown Heroes
The children of Antonis Georghiades become fishermen. They get involved in the national resistance activities. In the 'October 1931' uprising the three brothers were 'lost'. The mother could not bear the pain and dies. Antonis is inconsolable…


Part 5 – Addis Ababa, Abyssinia

The Expatriation
Georgios D. Georghiades graduates from the Theological School- Ierodidaskaleio and leaves for Abyssinia. He sails up to Djibouti and from there by cart and train to Addis Ababa.

The Match-Maker
Eleni gets to know Charalambos Petrides and they get married. They have children and their children bring smiles of happiness to the family.

The Photograph
The first 'photographic' acquaintance of Kallistheni Chrysostomou and Georgios Georghiades through Maria.


Part 6 – The Family

Chrysostomos Hadjiconstantis
Genealogy reference to the family, with wedding photographs.

Christoforos Hadjiphanis
Genealogy reference to the family with wedding photographs.


Part 7 – The family of George and Kallista Georghiades

The incident with the sepulchral and the wind that blew away Georgios Georghiades’ flowers.


Part 8 – The New Members

Costas Pallikaros lives with his brother Koutalianos in Rizokarpasso. Costas married Andriani Petsa and bore Georgios Pallikaros. Georgios studied medicine and married Militsa Vassiliadou. They had two daughters, Thelma and Avgi.

Demetris Athienitis and Theodora Lytra, both from Athienou, marry and move to Famagusta. Demetris works at the Municipal Market. They have three children, Nitsa, Kaite and Phidias.

Police Officer Christakis Dekatris and Fanio Georgiadou live in Nicosia. They have three children, Dinos, Leda and Panikos. Leda marries Glafkos and they have George and Christos.


Part 9 – Return to Cyprus

The Return
In 1960 Kallistheni accompanied by Fivos and Glafkos emigrated to England. Her eldest son, Marios, had been living there for 3 years prior to their arrival.

The Return in 1972

Arabia of 1398h (1978)
Glafkos’ life in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he worked for two years.


Part 10 - Alkistis’ Roots

Nicolas Mavronichis from Kokkinotrimithia with his eleven sons. During the birth of their daughter Chrystallou, his wife died during childbirth. He puts the newborn in a basket and leaves her outside the Archbishopric. Eventually Chrystallou tries to come into contact with her father and brothers but without success.

Christodoulos and Chrystallou from Dikomo bear six children. The fifth child, Chrysanthis marries Chrystallou, the adopted child of the baker at the Archbishopric. They had a daughter, Melpo, and a son Stavrakis Chrysanthou.

Angeliki Agathangelou marries Stavrakis and they produce three sons and three daughters. Reference to the children and their families.


Part 11 - The Continuation

The Sequel
Glafkos Georghiades and Alkistis Chrysanthou marry and have two children, Angelika-Christiana and Demosthenis-Stavros. The family grows and become even closer.